Vintage Palmwine – Kwaa Mensah, T.O. Jazz, Koo Nimo (OTB02)

palmwine-350Vintage Palmwine documents three of the kings of unplugged Ghanaian palm-wine highlife and adds an important chapter to the history of one of Africa’s most beloved and influential music genres. It includes the scintillating guitar duos of Koo Nimo and the late Kofi Twumasi in the dagomba and mainline styles, as well as the soulful acoustic renderings of erstwhile electric highlife star T.O. Jazz and the old-time picking of Kwaa Mensah all of whom also deliver their philosophical and proverbial lyrics with a passion.

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Otrabanda Podcast Scott Rollins and John Collins:

Press Quotes

“Beautifully packaged and with excellent liner notes by Collins, Vintage Palmwine is a vibrant document of a popular music style that was once ubiquitous in Ghana but is fast dying out.”

“…The sumptuous sounds on this collection are delightful. The unplugged intimacy of palmwine might put you in mind of old style Congolese rumba or Cuban roots music in the way it spurs dual desires to get up and move or relax and savor… the quietly stirring songs speak of love, loss and society’s ills with eloquent charm…”
(Global Rhythm)

“Luscious, rustic, wistful numbers that evoke summer daydreaming. The small, independent Otrabanda Records, has provided this collection with its usual excellent liner notes.” (Het Parool)

“Drowsy afternoon music, a uniquely warm thing, the Otrabanda release gives an hour’s worth of lo-fi euphoria from three of the palmwine greats…nimble guitar figures, light percussion and voice, pure pleasure.”