Flor Di Amor – Serenada (OTB04)

serenada-coverIf there is one band that best reflects the multiple musical heritage of Curaçao, then it is the ten piece Grupo Serenada. It draws its repertoire from the history of African, European and regional Caribbean influences that have shaped curaçao’s music, often resurrecting old songs from libraries and archives or by consulting old timers – making contemporary arrangements in their inimitable a cappella style or accompanied by acoustic string and percussion instruments. Serenada performs the classics of popular song in the Papiamento language.

With Flor di amor, Serenada presents various combinations that experiment with the harmonies, rhythms and music styles of their culture … the old spirits of Willemstad have not stopped speaking… – Pleasure Caribbean & Latin

A fresh musical breeze from the Caribbean… lyrical, with an unmistakable lilt and a distinctive fusion of elements from the island’s past with those of today’s Caribbean and adjacent Latin American coastline… Serenada close the album with a profound African-style blues about a year of misery and poverty, sung by an unnamed artist as powerful as Virginia Rodrigues or Cesaria Evora. – Songlines

Their polyphonic arrangements resonate with the work of Cuba’s Vocal Sampling and Grupo Vocal Desandann. – Froots