Riba Dempel: Popular Dance Music of Curaçao 1950-1954 (OTB03)

OTB03 Riba Dempel
OTB03 Riba Dempel

Riba Dempel is the name of the central marketplace in Willemstad, the capital city of the island of Curaçao. It includes the ‘floating market’ of barques that moor there from neighboring Venezuela selling their fresh produce and fish as well as local stalls where cheap, fresh creole food is served to all comers. Like the creole kitchen, the music on this disc is a gumbo of African, European and regional Caribbean influences.
Riba Dempel collects classics from the golden age of the indigenous Papiamento recording industry on Curaçao in the 1950s that were originally released on 78 rpms on the Hoyco and Musika labels.

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Newsletter 1

Launch in Cosmic Theatre

Oswin Chin Behilia and Izaline Calister at Otrabanda launch at Amsterdam’s Cosmic Theatre, 24 October 2002

Amsterdam, November 12 th 2002 – Hi and welcome to the first of our occasional newsletters giving you the latest information about Otrabanda releases and some idea of what we have been up to.
Otrabanda was incorporated as a company in January 2002 and virtually nine months later, our first baby was born. Oswin Chin Behilia’s Bendishon disfrasá (OTB01) was officially launched, together with our promotional cd single, on 24 October 2002 in Amsterdam’s Cosmic Theater.

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