Liber (OTB10)

OTB10 Liber
OTB10 Liber

Oswin Chin Behilia is a genuine troubadour: communicative, entertaining, passionate, observant – making acoustic music in a mix of pan-Caribbean grooves. Many of his songs engage the social aspects of life on Curacao in a genre he calls his “social lyrics”.
On this third Otrabanda release several of his songs deal quite specifically and with a greater sense of urgency with recent major historical developments in the political relationship between his native Curaçao with the Netherlands. First and foremost his songs are just plain good music to listen to, sometimes to dance to and more often than not, food for thought.

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Oswin Chin Behilia: Live (OTB07)

OTB07 Live
OTB07 Live

Oswin Chin Behilia´s international debut album Bendishon disfrasá was well received. His second international release offers live renditions of his songs sung in Papiamento, the local creole language of the Dutch Antilles. His sextet which includes the crème de la crème of musicians from his native isle of Curaçao offers the perfect accompaniment to “Chin’s” warm voice. The tracks on this album span a songwriting career that began in the 1960s and include classics of the Papiamento songbook as well as several of his most recent compositions.

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Newsletter 4

Amsterdam, June 2004 – Spring is well and truly sprung and we are rollicking into summer with hot news flashes. Our latest release,

OTB05 Peregoyo
OTB05 Peregoyo

El Rey del Currulao by Colombia’s world renowned Peregoyo y su Combo Vacaná has been selected for the in-house Top 10 for the July 2004 issue of Ian Anderson’s distinguished Froots monthly world & roots music. This means they will play tracks on their internet radio show in cooperation with Mondomix. They are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year! We are pleased and honoured and trust the king of currulao, Peregoyo will find his way into other hearts and charts as the year progresses.

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Newsletter 3

Amsterdam, December 30th, 2003 – As the year 2003 draws to a close it’s time to take stock. During the first half of 2003 Otrabanda set up shop in the Benelux, UK, USA and Japan and after Womex we added distributors in southern Europe. The Otrabanda distribution network has grown to include Music & Words in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg ( ), Stern’s Music in the USA ( Sterns in the UK (, Ahora Corporation in Japan (, Tradisom in Portugal (, and starting in 2004 at SED/Socadisc ( and Ventilador Music (

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Newsletter 1

Launch in Cosmic Theatre

Oswin Chin Behilia and Izaline Calister at Otrabanda launch at Amsterdam’s Cosmic Theatre, 24 October 2002

Amsterdam, November 12 th 2002 – Hi and welcome to the first of our occasional newsletters giving you the latest information about Otrabanda releases and some idea of what we have been up to.
Otrabanda was incorporated as a company in January 2002 and virtually nine months later, our first baby was born. Oswin Chin Behilia’s Bendishon disfrasá (OTB01) was officially launched, together with our promotional cd single, on 24 October 2002 in Amsterdam’s Cosmic Theater.

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Oswin Chin Behilia at WOMEX 2002

Oswin playing at the Songlines stand admired by the upcoming Cuban diva Yusa.
Oswin playing at the Network Medien stand for BBC DJ Charlie Gillett (left), Network’s Christian Scholze and Jean Trouillet.
Life radio broadcast 26 October 2002 at WOMEX on BBC London and Radio Multi Kulti Berlin with dj Charlie Gillet, Johannes Theurer and Network’s director Christian Scholze.
The studio audience at WOMEX during the life radio broadcast

WOMEX Quotes:

“Oswin Chin Behilia the renowned songwriter from the Netherlands Antilles… a man with a charming personality.” (Sabah am Sontag, Radio Multi Kulti Berlin)

“One of its revelations is a song by the band led by Oswin Chin Behilia from curaçao, who enchanted us with a couple of pretty ballads accompanied only with acoustic guitar.” (