Vintage Palmwine – Kwaa Mensah, T.O. Jazz, Koo Nimo (OTB02)

palmwine-350Vintage Palmwine documents three of the kings of unplugged Ghanaian palm-wine highlife and adds an important chapter to the history of one of Africa’s most beloved and influential music genres. It includes the scintillating guitar duos of Koo Nimo and the late Kofi Twumasi in the dagomba and mainline styles, as well as the soulful acoustic renderings of erstwhile electric highlife star T.O. Jazz and the old-time picking of Kwaa Mensah all of whom also deliver their philosophical and proverbial lyrics with a passion.

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Bendishon disfrasá – Oswin Chin Behilia (OTB01)

bd-hoesRecorded in local studios on the island of Curaçao, Bendishon disfrasá is the first international release of the classics songs of one of the finest singer-songwriters from the Dutch Caribbean. It includes lyrics in Papiamento with facing English translations.
Behilia has the gift of composing simple, directly appealing melodies whether solo or accompanied by an excellent band his relaxed delivery has a salutary effect, you’ve got rhythms here that bounce, skip or drive along – Chin’s Caribbean-Brazilian grooves float past like a feather on the breeze.

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